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Our Story


It all started with escape.

Husband and wife team Jeff Chasin and Brittany Biggs worked in Los Angeles for over a decade before escaping to the sea and calling Hawaii their home.

Seascape Life was born from adventure.

We believe in taking chances and challenging ourselves by stepping out of our comfort zones. That's what Seascape Life is about...escaping conventions and expectations and following our own path...taking risks and living in the present...acting on our dreams to make those dreams realities.

Our designs and apparel celebrate our love of the ocean and the laid-back lifestyle of its beach towns. We create all the designs here in Hawaii, and we're inspired by our surroundings, adventures, and causes our community values, including respecting nature, the ocean, and its wildlife.

Our hope is our clothing can allow you to escape to your happy place among nature and the sea whenever you wear it. We invite you to explore our designs and imagine your escape.   

Escape to the sea with us.